Gold and North Korea

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Many say that gold grows because of the Korean crisis. Only partially true.Gold has changed the great downward trend at the end of 2015. The Korean crisis has only help to kept gold in a range. Korea... Read More

Another gold rush

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Do you remember Charlie Chaplin movie “The Gold Rush”? It was a movie inspired by the reality. I think we are at the beginning of a new gold rush. We have enough reasons to believe that. G... Read More

August NFP

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Previous NFP was 287K. More than expected. Let’s see revised data, and the new number for july. Forecast say 170K. In this case i think EUR/USD move in the 1.1275 area. And Gold also move up and... Read More

Gold and Brexit

Brexit is approaching. The result of the vote will influence the gold, but unevenly. A majority vote for remains, will the gold down, and a majority vote to exit will lead gold up.But my opinion is th... Read More