This website offers you 100% for free, very important and usually expensive strategies, so you can add them to your know-how in professional trading and gain experience using them.

Many of the strategies found here contain complex information and are born out of the experience of excessive traders. These may include some special and unique data that you can also download for free (mandatory and included in the strategy). This information may come under the form of Profiles, Templates and Indicators available for MT4, and Excel files used for money management.

How to implement the strategies found the category:

  1. Read the stategy
  2. Download the strategy’s profile
  3. Download the strategy’s templates
  4. Download the strategy’s indicators
  5. Make sure you read and understand the strategy’s money management
  6. Ask questions and talk with the trader that provided the strategy (via our Skype group, email, social media, any other chat service or even by phone)
  7. Publish your results and always analyse your loses!

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