How indexes shows now

                             After one year ago indexes reached historic highs, followed a reversal, which most thought was just a correction. I think is not a correction, I think it’s a signal the beginning of crash. All indexes decreases compared to the same period of last year. The largest decrease we have in Asia, which shows, as I said in january, that Asia is likely to be the trigger of a new crisis. china

                    If we look at american indexes, you can see a good opportunity to get in sell position. In the most likely scenario of triggering a new crisis, US indixes should follow those asians. Asian indexes show a fall of about 19% in the last year, European indexes 17%, while the americans only 6%. But if talk about Asia, let’s see performance of  Hong Kong indexes in last year.  hongkong  hangsen
                    So, is time to look for opportunities, because the periods of crisis can be profitable. All eyes on US indexes and precious metals.



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