Final debate or final deal?

The final debate between the two candidates is fast approaching. Is it a real debate? Or a hidden deal? We know the relationships between Trump and Clintons, including financial donations for Bill in two senate campaign and first presidential race. In May 2015 Bill Clinton had a telephone conversation with Trump in which we encourage it to play a greater role in the Republican Party. That was a month after Hillary announces his candidacy, and a few weeks before Trump to announce his candidacy from Republicans. Coincidence? And this may be one reason why some Republicans do not see with good eyes Trump’s designation as a candidate. “Maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy @hillaryclinton,” Jeb Bush write on Twitter. And Carly Fiorina, with sarcasm said: “Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton’s Christmas gift wrapped up under a tree!” But after the start of the campaign, and especially lately, Trump has used attacks on the Clinton family, and Hillary and his team respond the same. Attacks are accepted by both sides? Possible. But it may not be so. In this case, Trump is a traitor of friends? Complicated relationship between candidates. It remains to see what surprises we have in the final debate. And to see if the markets react.






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