Commercial war ? Or commercial wall ?

Trump presidency is started.  Sign orders, sign orders and sign orders. And markets reacts. Dow Jones at all time high. Wooow!!! But not the only “all time high”. Also all time high is US Debt. US retired from TPP, but some of those countries is in top of  foreign commercial trades. Also Trump sign executive orders about south border wall construction and immigration restrictions  But this affect another  commercial treaty, NAFTA, with Mexico and Canada. They are most important trade partners for US.




                          US seems to be moving toward isolationism with quick steps. I think the US is prepare to build a “commercial wall”. No need for economic sanctions. Are self-imposed. Is good that for american companies? Sure not. But for american citizens? Sure not. I wait to markets react, because is too much executive orders wich affect american companies. Dow, and S&P also, touched new historical highs, but they looks also a historical bubbles. How long before the bubble burst? Trump know? Wall Street know? The future looks bad. And not just for the US, for everyone from all over the world. Be prepared for anything. 




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