Bankruptcies and crisis

Can be bankruptcies a sign of a crisis began? Probably yes. We have a number of very strange economic data. FED says the US economy is going well  and some analysts say the euro zone stand worst, especially after the stress test of the banking sector. It would be interesting to see a stress test for US banks. It is said that Deutsche Bank has serious problems. Very possible. But the US banking sector has no problems? My guess is that it has, but the problems are hidden by an artificial growth on indices, can even talk about a bubble. If we compare the data from the US and Germany, the eurozone engine Germany being considered, we still believe that Germany is better for the US. 10-year bonds lows, both the American and German. But while S & P500 had an increase to new highs, DAX has not done that.


Besides, if we look at the number of bankruptcies, we see that in Germany are on a downward trend, and the US entered an upward trend.


Bankruptcies lead to the inability of companies also pay providers, and bank loans. Bankruptcies in the US is already on an upward trend, we can consider this a signal that the US banking sector may be in trouble.So who is better? FED, which tells us that all is well? Or ECB, which has already done a stress test to see how the banking stay? In conclusion, i would say that the biggest problems are in the US, but as before the previous crisis, FED says that everything is ok. 

Be careful dears traders, and good luck.



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