Business Consultancy

Excessive Wealth Management is our special brand designed for companies and other business.

We believe that any business owner deserves to know about how to add a very resourceful way to keep adding sources of profit, year after year, as the world keeps changing. This is why our best experienced personnel can work for you and your business. The main advantages are all about your safety and your confidentiality and that’s why we don’t take any money into administration and we don’t accept any account that is not owned by our client (company accounts only). So this way you have total control of the account and only you can withdraw money from your (company’s) account! Another advantage that we have taken care of is the risk that our client is committed to; and we add this risk (procent) in the contract that we are signing, along with the commission that we perceive. This way you can be sure that confidentiality and safety is a matter that we are taking very, very serious.

So we proudly offer our consulting services for almost any kind of business that owns a trading account. From now on, we are happy to work with clients from almost all over the world!

You have to know that our profits vary depending on the risks and are situated between 20% and 60% per year (12 month).

2017NEW: Crypto currency!

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